Economic Development

Herndon needs to continue to diversify and become economically vibrant and continue to be a great place to launch or relocate a business.

We have successfully attracted dozens of new businesses to the Town and surrounding community.

I’ve worked with our Economic Development Manager to meet key members of our business community as well as the various Chambers of Commerce, Fairfax County Economic Development Agency and other agencies to promote doing business in Herndon.

We must continue to make it easier to do business in Herndon by focusing on efforts to streamline our internal processes and reduce cycle times for business development.


Herndon must position itself to reap the benefits of having our own Metro rail station- including increased revenues, increased property values , increased investment and attracting new residents and businesses.

Herndon’s Metro Area Plan has been approved and rezoned, as well as the Pattern Book has been adopted.

We must continue to plan for a Metro station and surrounding environment that reflects Herndon’s character, while ensuring multi-modal transportation access to our station via pedestrian and bike trails as well as mass transit options


Our downtown redevelopment has officially begun! The Town has accepted a proposal by Comstock Partners to redevelop our downtown and build shops, restaurants, an arts walk, an art center, apartment and townhouses and a parking garage. In addition, the Junction Square development is almost complete and mostly sold out! New retails shops are scheduled to open in the spring of 2018. marketing of our Downtown parcels has begun within the developer community, showcasing our downtown as a home for the arts and entertainment district.

A new arts district overlay has been approved for our downtown to incentivize the creation of a vibrant arts and entertainment area for residents and visitors.

The new fire station has been built and will open in the fall of 2016.


Our budget has remained lean and efficient while reflecting our community’s priorities.

My focus continues to be on maintaining good fiscal controls around spending, without compromising safety and services.

Herndon must continue to diversify our tax revenue base, including attracting more companies, finding new and increased sources for revenue, while reducing the tax burden on homeowners.


Herndon’s diverse, exciting and family friendly community remains one of our greatest assets and I have had the honor of serving with many of the organizations that make Herndon a great place to live, work and play.

We must continue to leverage our diversity, our volunteerism, our civic and nonprofits and expand on opportunities to get more people and businesses involved, to serve more families and residents, and develop working partnerships across these groups to foster a better sense of community.

Please join me in getting involved in our community by volunteering, donating, attending a class or event, and have fun!