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Grace for Herndon

Thank you for your support and for caring about our Town! Since first being elected to the Town Council in 2010, what has happened in the Town of Herndon?

  • Residential property values are UP
  • New businesses have OPENED
  • Downtown is being DEVELOPED
  • Arts District has been CREATED
  • Metro Area Redevelopment plan has been APPROVED
  • Residential Real Estate Tax rate has remained UNCHANGED
  • Economic Development activity has INCREASED

I’m proud to have been a key member of a productive and responsive Town Council and I need your vote on November 6, 2018 so I can continue to work for you and achieve results!

What will I continue to focus on for Herndon’s future?

  • Attract Business and Investment
  • Build a vibrant Downtown
  • Prepare for our Herndon Metro Rail station
  • Spend Taxpayer Money Carefully
  • Increase Property Values
  • Build a Stronger Community
  • Ensure Public Safety